Child Support

In the State of Illinois, child support is calculated according to a formula determined by the                                                                                       legislature.  The amount is calculated using net income (take home pay after taxes), and some                                                                                           other allowable deductions. At Serrano Legal Solutions, LLC, I can explain how child support is                                                                                           calculated and the factors that will affect your situation.

Child support is intended to meet some of the expenses of a child.  As such, it is not                                                                                                       optional nor should it be considered as an award to the custodial parent or punitive.  In Illinois,                                                                                             child support terminates when a child reaches age 18 or graduates from high school – whichever                                                                                           is later – but not beyond age 19.  There are provisions to support children beyond the age of 19                                                                                                 for the purposes of college education or if a child is mentally or physically disabled.  Child                                                                                                 support may be modified if there is a substantial change in circumstances, which includes an increase or decrease in income.  If a support-paying parent falls behind on child support payments or suddenly stops paying altogether, hiring an attorney can expedite certain legal remedies used to collect back due child support.  Even if your ex-spouse verbally agrees to let you reduce child support payments for a period of time or change visitation schedules, your agreement is not valid unless it is approved by the court.  Also, obtaining a court approved modification protects both you and your ex-spouse should any disputes arise later.

Collecting Back Child Support:  While each case is different, the court may: garnish wages, suspend driving privileges, seize assets, or even impose a jail sentence.  No matter what issue you have with unpaid child support, I can help you resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Child Custody v. Child Support:  It is important for clients to know that child custody is a completely separate issue from child support.  You cannot deny another parent visitation  because he or she is not paying support and you cannot stop paying support because he/she denies visitation.

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