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Billing Methods

  • Traditional representation involves my handling all matters related to a client's case. This
    includes, but is not limited to, phone calls, emails and court appearances. During the course of that
    representation, the attorney bills according to the time spent on any work performed.

​​Unbundled or Limited Scope Engagement: 

  • Unbundled or limited scope engagement is a relatively new development in Illinois. In July 2013, the
    Illinois Supreme Court amended three court rules to allow attorneys to better serve clients. These new
    court rules allow an attorney to represent a client for part, but not all, of a lawsuit or transaction — as
    opposed to the traditional model described above.  This model allows the attorney and client to agree

    on which matters will be handled by the attorney and which ones will not.  For example, I may draft an 
    initial document for my clients but go no further.  Another example includes my pursuing a child
    support matter but not a visitation matter.  Unbundling/limited scope helps make my services
    accessible and affordable, helping bridge the gap in unmet legal needs.

Flat Rates:

  • Similar to unbundling/limited scope, flat rate billing is one matter, one bill. There are two flat rate models: flat rate for a whole matter (such as an uncontested divorce) and flat rate for an unbundled service (such as modifying a visitation schedule).  The flat rate for the whole matter will include research, document preparation, phone calls, court appearances and the like. The flat rate for an unbundled service will only include a basic consult about the legal matter and document preparation. My clients would attend court appearances alone but can purchase additional consultation time. My rate is $250 per hour for consultation time and can be purchased in half-hour increments.