If a substantial change in circumstances affects your ability to comply with the terms of your divorce settlement or court order, a court approved post-decree modification is required before you can legally alter child or maintenance payments.  If ANY kind of order was entered and you are no longer able to comply with that order, you MUST get a court-approved modification.  If you intend to relocate outside the State of Illinois or move to another part of the state, a modification to your existing custody or visitation agreement is also required.  

At Serrano Legal Solutions, LLC, I can prepare and file a variety of post-decree modification petitions for people who can no longer comply with the terms of their divorce settlement or court order due to illness, loss of employment or change in residence.  If you are experiencing financial trouble or are interested in moving and have questions concerning how your obligations under the divorce decree are affected, contact me to schedule your free consultation.

Post-Decree Modifications
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