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In setting a visitation schedule, the court will always act in what it believes is the best
interest of the child.  When determining a visitation schedule that works for both
parties and the child/children, the court will consider the relationship a child has with
each parent, who has acted as the primary caregiver as well as the interaction with
siblings.  If there is a history or threat of violence and abuse, this will also affect how
the court determines the schedule.

Determining a visitation schedule should be a joint effort by both parents. 
Preferably, parents should try to come up with a plan together.  I can provide a 
template to serve as a starting point for this conversation and/or complete an initial
draft agreement.

If a substantial change in your circumstances requires that you modify an already
existing child custody or parenting time agreement, you must ask the court to review
the case before it can be modified. 

Rest assured, at Serrano Legal Solutions, LLC, I can review your case and discuss the legal options available to you should a modification be necessary.  Visitation can be contentious during divorce, after a divorce, and after a break up involving two unmarried partners.  Understanding how to assert your rights and the interests of your children is often essential to avoiding an unfavorable parenting time agreement.  If you and your ex are willing to negotiate, arriving at a visitation schedule everyone can agree on will help you avoid having a judge decide the matter for you while incurring legal fees.