​Generally, child custody is the term used to define who is the decision-maker for the child. 

Residential parent: residential parent refers to the parent who the child or children will live with and who controls daily child care.    

Joint custody: joint custody refers to a relationship where both parents have equal rights and responsibilities regarding the rearing and overall well being of the minor child or children as well as decision-making on the issues of the child or children’s education, health care, religious upbringing, and extracurricular activities.

Sole custody: sole custody refers to a relationship in which the primary residential parent is the
decision-maker for the child.

Visitation/Parenting Time: the individual without residential custody has what is called
visitation rights or parenting time.

At Serrano Legal Solutions, LLC, I help my clients understand the different levels of custody and 
visitation. Together we can balance the wants and needs of both parents while keeping the best
interests of the child in mind.  

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Child Custody

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